Burning up the Road

Apparently Jessie and I have been burning up the road.  How do I know?  In the last seven days, we have replaced seven tires.  I already posted about the two camper tires last week.  Today we brought five new tires into the family. This weekend we had a show in Florida, and Jessie’s car neededContinue reading “Burning up the Road”

Saving Money + Healthy Living

I’ve always been pretty active. My wife will tell you I can’t sit still, which isn’t far from the truth. I completed my first half-marathon this April. On Saturdays, I’m always working in the yard, on the house, or on the pop up camper. I started thinking and then talking to a few coworkers aboutContinue reading “Saving Money + Healthy Living”

Give Up

Music is hard. “The perishing is more likely, and will be a lot easier anyway.”  – Samwise Gamgee, “Lord of the Rings” It’s easier to give up.  Chances are success will not be attained.  Why go after dreams in the first place? I’ve always been a dreamer.  I used to sit in my room atContinue reading “Give Up”

Olympic Hurdles

So the second show felt like an olympic event.  Here’s why: late Thursday night before the Saturday show, the A/C in our venue crapped out.  Died.  Stopped working.  This is not good for middle Georgia in July.  Postponement was not an option – we had to play this show because Kickstarter needed this show toContinue reading “Olympic Hurdles”