Wisconsin Is a Fabulous Place

We went to Wisconsin to play at the Band on the Sand festival for the third year in a row. We get to meet so many great people on the road, and Wisconsin is no exception. In fact, it was one of the first, if not the first, places where we felt at home onContinue reading “Wisconsin Is a Fabulous Place”

Wyoming – What a Place!

What a trip we’ve had so far! After playing for a great crowd in Lincoln, Nebraska, we set off for Centennial, Wyoming. None of us have ever been to Wyoming. Cam has never been west of Texas. Neither Cam nor Jessie had ever seen the Rocky Mountains. All of that changed this weekend. As weContinue reading “Wyoming – What a Place!”

Steak and Green Beans

Jessie and I have decided to blog some of the meals we cook. I don’t mean to brag, but we’re some pretty good chefs. She made some curry potatoes that are the jealousy of the lunch table at my office. Tonight I made steak and green beans for lunch for us tomorrow (because we bothContinue reading “Steak and Green Beans”

Pictures, Please

So I got some advice from my fellow co-workers today – MORE PICTURES! I’ll give you pictures.  I made another quesadilla for myself tonight.  This time, I added pulled rotisserie chicken to my cheese and jalapeño quesadilla.  The end result was marvelous.  Let’s take a look: Are you hungry yet?  I know I sure am!Continue reading “Pictures, Please”