Steak and Green Beans

Jessie and I have decided to blog some of the meals we cook. I don’t mean to brag, but we’re some pretty good chefs. She made some curry potatoes that are the jealousy of the lunch table at my office.

Tonight I made steak and green beans for lunch for us tomorrow (because we both had other dinner plans tonight, and I had a little time to throw this together).

Jessie got two ribeye steaks the other day, so I pulled them out of the fridge and threw them on the grill. I sprinkled garlic salt on top and left them to cook while I ran inside to take care of the green beans.

I put some water on to boil, then went to town trimming green bean ends, washing them, and getting them in the boiling water.

I went outside to flip the steaks while the green beans boiled for about 6 minutes. When the steaks were flipped, I sprinkled more garlic salt on the top. Then back inside to finish the green beans.

After draining the green beans, I mixed in Emeril’s Essence Seasoning. I’ve also added some butter before, but I didn’t this time, strictly because I needed to get back to the steaks. I think they turned out fine without butter, but I much prefer some buttery goodness.

I made sure the steaks were cooked well enough through the middle, and removed them from the grill. I was able to make a great meal fairly quickly, with just a few ingredients, and very little hassle.


I would have preferred to have cooked the steaks over medium heat, but I kind of forgot to turn the grill down after lighting. I got distracted my text messages and never recovered. My steaks were slightly more well-done than I’d like, but I’m still very happy.

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