Why I’m a Disney Fan

I’m spending my Sunday prepping CDs for an upcoming tour date, folding laundry, cleaning, and watching Disneynature: Wings of Life.  I have been a Disney fan for a long time.  Nearly every child, at some point, loves Disney – they have a movie they love, a character with whom they identify, or that trip to Disney World that they remember forever.

The moment that did me in was a trip, I believe in middle or high school, to WDW with the family.  I remember walking down Main Street, U.S.A. with my dad when he pointed out the second story of the shops on Main Street.  He told me about how the second story is designed and built to be just a little bit shorter than the first story, thus creating an effect as you look down Main Street to the Castle.  It makes the Castle that much bigger – all thanks to “forced perspective.”

Since then, I fell in love with the details.  Don’t get me wrong – I love the attractions too!  The beauty is in the details.  The bathrooms are clean.  There is no trash on the ground thanks to Cast Members picking up any trash that hits the ground.  Characters only refer to things inside the Disney universe.  Every queue is themed down to every detail!  This is what made me fall in love with the parks, and I see it in everything Disney does.

Jessie and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon (and twice in the 4 years since).  While we were there, we saw a movie poster for Chimpanzee while on the Backlot Tour in Hollywood Studios.  Shortly after getting home, the movie was released in theaters, and we went to see it.  I realized then how much effort was put into making perfect pictures.

I can’t create perfection, especially not in everything I do everyday.  I can, however, strive to create the best possible experience for others through the music we create, the way we present that music, and how we communicate with fans.  Our CDs, though “home-made,” look planned and intentional.  Jessie creates cool-looking graphics to advertise shows and music releases.  If we create enjoyable experiences, people will return.

This is what Disney has done – they have created enjoyable experiences so that people will return.  The cheapest advertising is keeping current customers happy and making them happy enough to tell others about how great their experience was.

Disney World is a beautiful example of marketing and taking care of customers.  I know it costs money to go to Disney, but it wouldn’t be packed all the time if it were not worth it.  This is why I love Disney.

Thanks to Dad for pointing out the details that started me on this fascination; my friend Chris for having the same love and passion for all things Disney; Lou for his WDW Radio Podcast to keep me engulfed in the details of Disney; and finally, Jessie for loving all of this with me, even if not quite to the same extent. 😉

WDW Radio

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