I Guess Busy Is Good

We’ve been busy.

I guess that’s a good thing.  We started doing these online shows (StageIt.com) earlier this year, and we absolutely love them!  We set up our computer and sound equipment, and we broadcast as show live from our living room (or dining room, kitchen, library, wherever we please)!  It was a little weird at first – we had no applause when we finished our first song.  But then viewers started typing in their thoughts on the song, and they loved it!


Talk about interaction!  For the first time ever, we were able to interact with our fans DURING a show without pandemonium!

Then we started doing house shows.  We started with friends who would open up their home, invite their friends over for a get-togeter night, and we would supply music for about an hour.  Again, SO MUCH FUN!

We’ve thrown in a few weddings, writer’s nights, and random other events too.  Then, like any other hard-working couple, we took a vacation.

Now we’re back at it – hard at work preparing for a full week of online shows.  Then there are our day jobs.  That’s how it is for musicians trying to make a living out of making music.

Thank YOU for your support!

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