Veterans Day

United States Marine Corps.

United States Navy.

These are the branches in which my grandfathers served.  I’m quite proud of them.  This Veterans Day, I’m more proud than ever.

I spent my morning walking around my old high school that has gone through numerous changes since I graduated 9 years ago.  I looks quite different, but feels the same.  I went back because I knew Jimmy Gentry was speaking for a special assembly.

Coach Gentry is a World War II Veteran, and he was one of the first US soldiers to discover Dachau Concentration Camp.  Jimmy is a great storyteller.  The stories he tells of what it takes to serve our great country made me appreciate more what it means to be a US soldier.

I will post pictures of my grandfathers as soon as I can get them.  Until then, thank you, Pawpaw.  Thank you, Papa.

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