It’s About Time

There’s a movie by that name that I saw this summer. It asks the question, “If you were given all the time in the world, how would you spend it?”

The funny thing about time is that you can’t save it. You just can’t. I write this as I sit in an airport about to leave for a work trip. I have just come off a week where I spent time with my wife, brother, and dad at a Paul McCartney concert; an afternoon with my 84-year-old grandfather; and a day driving around with my wife looking for a used car. I’m grateful of all the time I spent on family this week. (Disclaimer: my mother and sister were at the beach, otherwise I would have spent time with them too.)

I’ve reached the point in life, earlier than some and later than others, where I’ve realized that I’d rather be home with my wife than go out and have a good time. I’d rather work a little late because I spent part of my day on the golf course with my Papa. I’d rather sit on a dock with my family than sit on a couch watching 16 football games.

It’s about time, and it’s about time I spend more time with family and the ones I love.

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