Golfing with Papa

So I wrote before about my new not-so-cheap-but-it-helps-to-have-free-clubs hobby. In case you missed it, my new hobby is golf. I have enjoyed the last few weeks getting to spend time with my dad, my grandfather, and sport.

Speaking of my grandfather, I played 9 holes with him the other day. I had tried to describe to my wife what it is like watching Papa play golf. To help her understand, I took a couple short videos.

First of all, you have to realize that though Papa doesn’t hit it far, he is almost always hitting it straight. Secondly, he rarely takes a practice swing. If he hits a bad shot, he will take a practice swing AFTER he hits the ball to correct himself. He then returns to the golf cart, grabs the club he will use next, and wait for me to take my shot. He only carries 5 clubs in his bag, so he doesn’t have much from which to choose for his next shot. It is all quite funny if you are not expecting all of this.

Here is the first video I was able to capture. This was on the first hole, and I was able to pull my phone out to catch a glimpse of his iron shot in the middle of the fairway. Keep in mind he rarely takes a practice swing, so I had to be quick on the draw.

The second video here came about hole 6, when I had the opportunity to catch Papa hitting off the tee box. Notice no practice swing – he just steps up and takes a hack at it.

The man knows how he plays golf. Even having a terrible last hole, he still beat me by one stroke. I was so determined to beat the old man, but it just wasn’t my day. I think I was worn out from trying to beat my father the two days previous.

Oh well. Such is my curse.

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