It Just Feels Right


I hope you experience times like I experienced yesterday – it was a day where I felt I was doing something I was created to do. Yesterday, I was in the studio playing and recording music.

Growing up in Nashville, I never thought I would be any good at playing guitar. There were too many stellar players around. However, I later came to the realization that every guitar player starts out the same way – not knowing what he is doing. At that point, I started thinking I could do this for a living…

Yesterday was the day my wife would go into the studio to record 3 new songs that will be released as singles in the coming months. She had done a fabulous job writing these songs. Now it was time to bring them to life.


With the help of our new producer, Neilson Hubbard, and his talented friends (Evan Hutchings – drums, Dean Marold – upright bass, Will Kimbrough – electric guitar and mandolin, Josh Britt – assistant engineer), we got some really great stuff recorded. In a short 6 hours that just flew by, we got pretty much everything except background vocals for the three tracks. The whole time, I was thinking just how lucky I was to be playing guitar all day.

There’s something special with music, and it becomes almost magical when you play music with friends. Here is just a little snippet of one of the tunes we recorded yesterday.

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