Wading Through the Weeds

Hunting for scallops – it’s one of my new favorite hobbies. You get a snorkle, get a mesh bag, and search through the bay weeds for these little things. The first time I jumped in the water, I wasn’t really sure for what I was looking. “Look for the Shell Oil sign.” “Look for neon blue eye.” That neon blue eyes thing was a little unnerving – that’s just downright creepy! But it was true. Just look for hundreds of beady blue eyes looking up at the sky.

20140711-105747-39467083.jpg Most of the time, when you get close, the scallops will simply close, and you have an easy time grabbing the little booger and collecting him in your treasure sack. Other times, they take off swimming by chomping – yes, chomping – through the water. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. When this happens, I simply wait for the scallop to wear itself out and catch it as it falls to the bay floor again. Easy as pie. The best places to catch the scallops, though, are in the muddy, mirky reeds found in the shalllows. Here the water is only 18″-36″ deep. You have to swim through the reeds, trying to see these shells that blend in with the sandy floor. You get muddy and nasty, but at the end of the day, it’s quite worth it. Cleaning the scallops is a whole different story. Really, I’ll do a blog later on that. Until then, here are more pictures of the prepared scallops we ate.



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