A Bit of Nashville History

I always liked history, but I was never any good at dates and dead people. That is, I was never any good until History of American Recordings during my junior year at Belmont University.

Finally history was easier for me to understand. The music I knew gave context to the political and cultural things happening.

I think there are quite a few guitarists, and other musicians as well, that feel the same. There is something about honoring and treasuring, even preserving, the past.

As I write this from my phone, I want to keep it brief to save my thumbs. Simply put, a piece of music history in Nashville might be on the verge of being lost forever. A little place maintained by a friend – RCA Studio A.

Read Ben Folds’ open letter here to find out more. Then hop on Twitter and use #SaveStudioA to make noise. Call the Mayor’s office. Spread the word.

As someone who has been fortunate enough to step inside the studio, it’s one cool place we can’t afford to lose.

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