Bradley – Professional Artist Pep Talker

That’s what I’ve decided to put on my business card.

Being the husband/guitarist/band leader/manager to a talented artist means being a good encourager.  Unfortunately for me, that doesn’t come naturally.  However, I do think I’m getting better.

I was talking to another artist just getting started in this whole creating art thing, and what was quite interesting is that HE HAS THE EXACT SAME FEARS AND HESITATIONS as every other artist out there.

“My art isn’t good enough.”

“No one likes it.”

“It’s not selling fast enough.”

“I’m not good enough.”

Sometimes artists need reminding they aren’t their art.  Their art is a part of them.  It doesn’t define them.  It’s a glimpse of what life and this world look like through their eyes.

We like comedians because they point out the mundane things in a humorous way.  We like musicians because they point out the mundane things with melody and meter and give it meaning.

Keep making your art.  You need it in order to express yourself.  We all need ways to express ourselves.  I also need to see how you see things.  It’s fun.  It’s entertaining.

It’s art.


P.S. Check out my wife’s art at or on iTunes – Jessie Smith

One response to “Bradley – Professional Artist Pep Talker”

  1. Bradley, for someone who says he isn’t naturally an encourager, you do a very fine job of it for everyone in your life.

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