Olympic Hurdles

So the second show felt like an olympic event.  Here’s why: late Thursday night before the Saturday show, the A/C in our venue crapped out.  Died.  Stopped working.  This is not good for middle Georgia in July.  Postponement was not an option – we had to play this show because Kickstarter needed this show to happen now.

Thanks to Jessie’s parents working tirelessly, we were able to find another venue 2 blocks away.  A church graciously opened its doors to us and let us use their sanctuary for our Saturday night show.  A venue!

So once we get inside this church, we realize that the sound system is going to be, as we like to say, fun.  We brought a sound system capable of powering a 1,500+ venue, and here we are in a 500 max sanctuary.  It was loud (sometimes a little too much maybe), but we got it all figured out by the time we went on stage.  Also, luckily, people showed up – around 300 – and that helped our sound not echo off the wood-panel walls so much. And then…

My wife put on an awesome show.  Probably one of her best.  I’ve really only played 2 “real” shows, this one being my second.  But I have played around town with friends.  It’s hard playing to a Nashville crowd.  But playing to this crowd on July 28 in Georgia was a blast.

I can’t wait to play not-Nashville again!

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