First Show – Done!

So our first show is done.  AND IT WAS AWESOME!  Things couldn’t have gone smoother, and my wife even thought it was good – she’s the one whose opinion really matters.  It was a relief, too.  She had lost her voice on Monday.  We had rehearsal on Tuesday, and she sang more than she probably should have.  Wednesday her voice was worse, and she either would speak the lyrics at rehearsal, or sing them an octave or two lower than normal.  Things were not looking pretty.  Then Thursday, we had to work with our background vocalist to figure out her parts, and again Jessie had almost no voice.

But the show must go on.

So Thursday night, she took a pain killer/sleep aid, and got a great night’s sleep.  Friday, after a lot of rest and some slow warming up, her voice was feeling strong enough to perform.

And perform she did!  It was great, the crowd loved it, I loved it, and she loved it!  I’d say that’s a winner right there.

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